Health & Safety

Creating a safe and healthier workplace

Our occupational health and safety policy defines our goals to help our employees stay safe at the workplace.

Health and safety are an integral part of our company as for RHP Group, workforce sustainability is important. We take all steps to provide a safe work environment to our employees and help them remain healthy, engaged, and productive.

We believe that there is always room for improvement when it comes to maintaining a healthy and safe environment. We aim to maintain effective management of inherently high-risk operations and ensure the health and wellness of our people by managing workplace exposure in a safe and compliant manner.

We have maintained rigorous procedures and controls to protect employees from exposure to chemicals. The main point in the occupational safety and health policy spins around a systematic development of occupation safety and employees’ well-being, which is based on the requirements of the workplace. Moreover, our policy ensures that operations, working conditions, and corporate relationships don’t have any adverse effect on the physical or mental health of our employees.

Safety and health programs help our business by:

  • Preventing workplace injuries and illness.
  • Improving compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Reducing costs of production.
  • Engaging workers in the right manner.
  • Enhancing the social responsibility goals
  • Augmenting productivity and enhancing overall business operations

RHP Group is dedicated to applying innovative technologies to ensure the utmost safety of its employees. To ensure our employees perform at their best, we take all care of their health and wellness. Our corporate wellness program offers tools and resources to colleagues to stay healthy or make measurable health improvements.

 The program continuously yields healthy results for the employees and their family members with a safer and healthier work environment. We care for the health of our employees as well as their families by reducing the health risks, identifying chronic conditions, and providing them with the right treatment. We also make wellness and prevention a part of our overall culture, which helps us in attracting and retaining the employees who are crucial for the company's success.

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