Corporate Governance

Ethical business is the key to success

Corporate governance is about making the best use of stakeholder value legitimately, ethically, and in a sustainable way.

At RHP Group, the aim of our corporate governance is to do ethical business with every stakeholder- our clients, investors, the community as well as the government. We believe that sound corporate governance is important to help others trust us. It is a reflection of our culture, our mission, our relationship with stakeholders and employees, and our commitment to a better society. We always strive hard to ensure that our performance is driven by integrity. We endeavor to enhance long-term shareholder value and respect minority rights in business decisions. Our efforts are widely recognized by our stakeholders across the country.

The established corporate governance structure of the RHP group provides a comprehensive framework to: 

  • Enhance accountability to the stakeholders.
  • Make sure timely and accurate disclosure of all material matters.
  • Deal fairly with stakeholders.
  • Maintain high standards of business ethics and honesty.

Our framework is designed precisely to enable RHP Group to fulfill its statutory duty to ensure arranged, informed, and fair policies and ensuring that all the risks are managed correctly while pursuing the goal of the business. 

Board Composition

Corporate governance is at the center of our practice that directs how the management serves and protects the long-term interests of the stakeholders. Most of the board members are independent. As dynamic and well-informed members of the board, they are fully dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance at RHP Group. Our directors, risk management committees, investors’ grievance cell, and auditors bring their unique valued perspective to the board. 

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